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The Blossom Student Council elections was held in July 2013. The Student council comprises of 22 members.

The Blossom Student Council members are 1) School Captain - Ishwarya R 2) School Vice Captain (Boys) -Kanishkan B 3) School Vice Captain (Girls) - Rithani M 4) Summer House Captain - Pooja Arumugam 5) Winter House Captain - Kirubesh Kishan S 6) Spring House Captain - Jai Vigneash 7) BLISS President Cibi Chakravarthy S 8) BLISS Secretary Astro Jes A 9) CARE President Adithyan KC 10)CARE Secretary Varun Prasanna AK 11) HELP President Elamathi J 12) HELP Secretary Prarthanaa V 13) CAN President - Gaayathri AG 14) CAN Secretary Sneha K 15) HUMAN President Sudharshana N 16) HUMAN Secretary Shanmugapriya RM 17) Summer House Vice Captain Anika V 18) Winter House Vice Captain Aruthra R 19) Spring House Vice Captain Vasantha Kumaar SI 20) Summer House Vice Captain Chandanu TG 21) Winter House Vice Captain Karunya T 22) Spring House Vice Captain Vasudevan L

Blossom Public School has 5 clubs for this academic year. The five clubs are Literary Club (BLISS), Heritage Club (CARE), Home Economics Club (HELP), Integrity Club (HUMAN) & the Nature Club (CAN).

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